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We are here to have an impact on people’s lives. Together with employers and suppliers, we can effectively enhance the wellbeing of employees and, eventually, of an entire generation.

A new standard in employee benefits

Most companies offer the same benefits package to all employees, regardless of age, family situation and interests. We’ll tell you a secret: one size doesn’t fit all. Reward employees with benefits that suit their individual needs and which they can select themselves. Flexible benefits that boost financial, physical and mental wellbeing contribute to a happy, healthy and committed workforce. 

For employers that care

A personalised employee benefits programme requires a considerable investment in time and resources. YourCampus allows SMEs and scale-ups (50+ employees) to offer employees the same benefits as large corporations do. This makes them more attractive to new talent and shows team members their employer cares about their wellbeing. 

Our Story

When founder Florian Gendrault started working at a small yet fast-growing tech startup, he was excited. The job was interesting, the salary competitive and he got to work with fun colleagues in an inspiring office. However, after a while he noticed the benefits package was rather limited, especially compared to the benefits his friends received at the big corporations where they worked. Moreover, the benefits offered didn’t suit his needs in this phase of his life. Florian delved deeper into the topic and noticed a trend: many companies were consistently underperforming in the field of employee benefits. The HR departments were not to blame. Everywhere he came, he met hardworking professionals who did their utmost to keep coworkers healthy and engaged. They simply didn’t have the time and resources to set up an employee benefits program. There had to be another way…


YourCampus is our contribution to thriving employees and companies. Our talented team, with professional experience at leading tech companies, has created an innovative employee benefits platform. It’s an affordable solution for companies to engage employees through a wide variety of flexible benefits and enhance their wellbeing. In this case, everybody wins.

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Meet The Team

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Florian Gendrault


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George Visniuc


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Sven Cune


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Annette Lavrijsen


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van den Boogaard

Head of Product & Marketplace

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Adil Bougamza

Head of mobile development

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van 't Hof

UX / UI Designer